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November 2022 Prayer Ministry

Dear Heavenly Father, open our hearts this Thanksgiving and give us the spirit of thankfulness as we spend time together with our family and friends. This past year, you have been with us...helping us get past our doubts, being by our side as we faced our struggles, and providing for our needs. May we now be there for those who are hurting, those who have little, and those who struggle. Open our hearts to share your goodness and mercy and love with them.

  • Your creation is filled with beauty and grace. Full of color—full of life. Thank you for giving it to us to enjoy.

  • Make this church a place where people can be honest and transparent about their struggles and their weaknesses and know they are still loved. We pray for all our members and all who worship with us either in person or on line. We especial lift in prayer the following each week.

  • Week of November 6 – Dee Berg; Frank and Ellie Bertek; Samantha Christle, Aaron, and Ivan Bitzan; Ronda Bjornson

  • Week of November 13 – Randy and LaDonna Blackorbay; Pastor Josh Blair; Helen Bland; Wayne and Linda Boike

  • Week of November 20 – Jon, Jodi, Isaiah, Ethan, and Noah Borg; Paul, Sue, and Justin Borgfelt; Dennis and Ilene Boser • Week of November 27 –Mark and Becky Bruske; Brianna Bruske, David Hill, Rylenn, Roman, Estelle, and June; Lenore Bryant

  • Hear the cries of the sick and dying, the hungry and homeless, the lost and forgotten. Bring healing and hope, food and shelter, love and compassion to all in need. We especially ask you to watch over and comfort those on our prayer network.

  • Be with all our youth who have received “Prayer Pillows”. May they learn the power of prayer and the importance of having you present in their lives. Help them to share you with their friends.

  • Be with and inspire all who work with our youth. Open the hearts of those being taught that they might know your love for them.

  • As we come together for our Thanksgiving service, let it be a joyous time as we offer our thanks for everything you have bestowed upon us this past year.

  • As we celebrate “All Saints Day”, help us to acknowledge the saints who have gone before us and to recognize, thank and cherish those who are still among us today.

  • Watch over all our hunters. Keep them safe and give them wisdom and respect for your creation. May their time in nature bring success in their hunt.

  • Touch the lives of our youth who will be attending the “All Youth Gathering” at Craguns in Brainerd on November 18-20th. Be present in their lives, help them build relationships and fill them with hope as they struggle with the challenging world around them.

  • Bless the family of Paul Sawatzaky as they brought him to be baptized on October 23, and bless the family of Danie Larson and Blake Larson as they are baptized on October 30. Guide their families and sponsors and lead us as a congregation to be part of their journey in their Christian faith.

  • Thank you for placing among us, those individuals who so silently, yet faithfully, give of their time to beautify the church grounds, the church and worship space. May they know that their work of plant- ing and caring for flowers, mowing, hanging banners, sharpening pencils, filling pew racks and all those other tasks that we seem to take for granted are very much appreciated.

  • As more and more of our snowbirds leave, grant them travel mercies until they once again return to be with us.

We lift these prayers and our own personal prayers to you. Asking that your presence be felt in our own lives as well as the lives of those to whom we pray. AMEN


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