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March Prayer Ministries

Spice up your Prayer Life…

Prayer Bowls

Many of us may not fully understand the effect our prayers have from God’s perspective.  In Revelation 5:8 it talks about golden bowls full of incense.  These are believed to be the prayers of believers.   Then, in Revelation 8:4-5, it says that our prayers ascend before God…like incense.  So, when we pray it’s as if a golden bowl of incense is being carried to the very throne of God in heaven.  Then, in God’s perfect timing, our prayers are mixed with his fire (his power) and cast back down to earth to change situations as answered prayer.  While the answer may not be what we may have expected it to be, it will be as God knows it NEEDS to be and at EXACTLY the right time.  Our prayers are important and they are special, for they rise like incense before the throne of God.  

It’s not about how many words we pray or the manner in which we pray, as long as our prayers are heartfelt, faith-filled, and authentic.  Even with our best intentions of keeping our prayer requests before God, life does get busy and we may be a little inconsistent in remembering to pray.  Over the last few months we have been trying to help you be a little more consistent in your praying.  

For March, we would like to introduce the use of PRAYER BOWLS as a way of remembering.  It is a way to remind ourselves of situations and individuals we need to lift up in prayer.  A bowl (any bowl) can be placed where it will be seen and passed by multiple times during the day.  Whenever you hear about the needs or special requests of family members or friends…or when you turn on the news and see reports of tragedies…write a short prayer on a small piece of paper and put it in the prayer bowl.  Whenever you pass by the bowl, pull out one, two or more slips of paper and pray for what has been written on the paper.  At the end of the day, return those slips that need continued prayer and on those that have been answered, write “Thank you, God!”

We will also have a PRAYER BOWL located in the narthex, along with slips of paper on which to write a prayer.  Add your prayers to the bowl.  Take from the bowl, a prayer and add it to your personal prayer bowl or to your prayer journal.  Let’s keep praying for each other.  We know God hears us…and we know he will answer our heartfelt prayers. 

Children’s Prayer Time

Dear Jesus, I know you are always with me because you said you would never leave me. Bless my parents, teachers, and all those who love and care for me. Give me strength to be truthful, honest, kind, and helpful to others.  AMEN

Dear Heavenly Father,  as we enter March, you bring an awakening of new life and a new season as we move from the cold and darkness of winter to the longer and warmer days of spring.   With it you bring new life and new energy to the things around us.  You give us Lent as a time to reflect on our life, on how we are living, and how we are serving you by serving those around us.  And, then you surprise us with Easter.   You show us the true meaning of forgiveness with your undeserved grace and unconditional love.  You give us a new life and a new beginning.  You take our weaknesses and turn them into strengths, empowering us to live, not for ourselves but for others.  

  • Bless our time together each week as we meet for our Lenten meals and worship services.   We thank you for this time when we can draw closer to you and to each other. 

  • Be in the planning of our youth mission trip this summer.  May we be encouraged to support their fund raising events.  

  • We ask your blessings on our youth who will be taking classes in preparation for their 1st communion.   May they come to feel your presence in their life as they partake in their first communion on Maundy Thursday.  

  • As we gather for our Lenten Bible study, help us gain insight and knowledge into your son’s life and let it stir up a call to live a life like Christ’s. 

  • There is so much suffering each day all over the world and especially here in our own community and among those in our congregation.  We uplift all who are homebound, those in care facilities, all who are on our prayer network and the many who we personally pray for each day.   Surround them with your love, make your presence known in their lives, and bring them your peace and healing.

  • We know you are present in the lives of all who worship here.  Continue to strengthen our prayer lives and make our prayers  meaningful, plentiful and powerful. Continue to bless the work of our members and encourage them to continue to be a witness of your unconditional love.   In March we especially pray for the following:

  • week of March 3 – Carl Magnan; Craig and Barb Magnan; Holly Main, Mary, and Ivan Jablonski; Tim McArdle.

  • week of March 10 – Donna McClain; Tony and Melissa Mellema; Byron and Lisa Menke; Mark and Lori Menke.

  • week of March 17 – Dustin and Kate Mensing; William Michaelis and Ellory Christianson; Curt and Di Miller.

  • week of March 24 – David, Nancy, Megan, Emily, and Daniel Miller; Debi Miller and Tom Bipes; Joyce Miller.

  • week of March 31 – Claire Minor; Donna Moore, Dave Morneau; Doc Moss; Arleen Nagel.ek of February 4– Bob and Denise Larson; Brandon, Jennifer, and Kendra Larson; Don and Pearl Larson; Grace Lazorik.

  • Continue to bless our musicians as they prepare to present this years Good Friday cantata called “Here is Love”.  May all who attend, realize just how deep and wide your love is for all mankind, through the life, death and resurrection of your son, Jesus.  

  • We thank you for the generosity of everyone who donated blankets for our “60 for 60”.  May all who receive them feel the love and prayers contained within the blankets. 

  • We ask your protection and safety for our 6 young adults who are involved in Global Missions in Senegal.  May their ministry bear fruit in the lives of the people they are serving.  

  • We thank you for the many women who have and are currently making a difference in people’s lives by how they are living out their baptismal call in being a disciple of Christ.  Help us recognize and celebrate these bold women in our church and community on Sunday, March 3rd.   

We thank you for Easter.  We thank you for your son, Jesus and we thank you for the opportunity to live as Easter people.    AMEN

Blessing:   Ellory Christianson, Diane Gibas, Nancy Hendry, Dave Morneau, Doc Moss, Carolyn Nutt, Pam Peterson, Mary Sears.  

“Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, not in books alone, 

but in every leaf in spring-time.”   - Martin Luther


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