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Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the beating heart of the life of Faith.  It is through prayer that we connect with God and God connects with us.  In times of joy as well as in times of need, prayer opens us to the healing, strengthening, comforting, and transforming power of God

At Faith, we want to provide many opportunities to learn about prayer and to practice prayer.  We have resources on prayer available to our members in the Prayer Chapel in our resource rack.

Each week during office hours, the sanctuary and Prayer Chapel are open for prayer and meditation.  Feel free to enter into silence and sit in the presence of God.

Prayer shawls are available in the Prayer Chapel to be given to those who are experiencing joys or sadnesses in their lives, or anyone who just needs to be reminded not only of God's comforting presence, but that they are being prayed for.  

If you would like to have a prayer put on the email prayer chain, you may contact the church office at (320) 676-3161.

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