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October Prayers

Looking for ways to spice up your prayer life? Remember the important people in your life.

We all have important people in our lives. Some are close by while others may be living some distance away. Maybe it has been some time since you last saw them or maybe some of them are no longer here. As you go about your day, you may see or hear something that brings it a favorite song, a special food, an object, a picture. Take this opportunity to remember them in prayer...being sure to thank God who brought them into your life and gave you such wonderful blessings and special memories to hold onto.

For the month of October, we will have supplies available so you can make and take home a tissue paper flower. Let this flower bring a smile to your face while reminding you to pray for all those special people God has placed in your life. May this spiritu- al practice of remembering become a life long expression of your continuing love, gratitude, and thanks for them and for Christ. This year on All Saints Sunday, we want to fill the sanctuary with pictures of your loved ones...those living as well as those who are no longer with you. So as you pray for the special people in your life this month, locate pictures and bring them to church. Together on All Saints Sunday, we will celebrate together their blessings on our lives and our connectedness as Christians.


Children’s Prayer Time Dear Lord, Thank you for blessing me with my family and surrounding me with so many special friends. Help me to care about them just like you care about me. AMEN


Dear Heavenly Father, each month you bring us gifts of your love through the beauty of your creation...the daily sunrises, sunsets, and the uniqueness that each season of the year has to offer. These days all seem to pass by so quickly, only to leave us wondering why these hot humid days for summer and the bitter cold days of winter are the only ones which seem to linger for so long. With October fast approaching, we know our days will now be dryer, cooler and shorter in length. And, as we lose more of our daylight hours, we will be left living more of each day in darkness. Is this to remind us of how you have called each of us to be your light in the darkness? A light this world so desperately needs right now with all the upsetting and discouraging news we hear about each day. There are times we get so overwhelmed by what we see and hear about all that is happening around us. We need you now, more than ever, to guide us and to be by our side as we bring your light and love to those who need it so badly.

  • Move our hearts so that we will be open to sharing what we have been given with those who so desperately need help. Encourage us all to participate in the 60 for 60 by donating money or food for the Isle Food Shelf this month.

  • Be with our youth who will be affirming their baptism this month. Continue to guide them in your truth and in your ways. May we wel- come them as newly confirmed members and encourage them to join us in serving you within the church and in our community.

  • We ask your blessings on the lives of our 3rd graders as they receive their Bibles. Let your Word be planted in their lives as they, together with their parents, read and enjoy your stories from their new Bibles.

  • Be with our snowbirds as they leave for warmer climates. We hate to see them leave, but we ask that you grant them travel mercies and bring them back to us, safe and well and healthy.

  • As our students are back in school, we ask that you watch over them and keep them safe and healthy. As sport activities begin, pro- tect them from injuries and give them a spirit of sportsmanship.

  • Be with individuals from the churches of the NE MN Synod as they gather for the “Walking Together 2023” event on October 14. May this be a time to celebrate, to learn, and to be inspired as they share stories of how your Spirit has worked through various ministries of the churches within the synod.

  • Help us to share your love and grace with our family, friends and even strangers who are going through difficult times right now. We ask your comfort and healing for all who have lost loved ones, who are sick and lonely, who are anxious and fearful, who have little to eat and no place to call home. We lift up all who are on our prayer network. Make your presence known in their lives and bring them healing and hope.

  • As we celebrate Reformation Sunday, we thank you for Martin Luther and his deep faith to speak out about your love, your grace and mercy. Help us to all work to together to continue to build and strengthen your church upon your grace and mercy for all people.

  • May your spirit find a home in the hearts and minds of all who seek to love you, who long to see your face, and who look to you for guidance in their life. We pray for all who pass through our doors, and for all who worship and call Faith their church home.

May we always remember that all life is a miracle and to grow old is a blessing. Guide us all, from young to old, to seek op- portunities to serve you within our community. Amen.

NOTE: Prayer shawls are available in the Chapel. Please take and give away to anyone whom you feel is in need of prayer. We ask that you record in the Shawl book, the date and to whom the shawl is given. (This helps to not deliver multiple shawls to the same individual.)


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