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Lenten Season

Lenten season is a time to let go and let God be the important part of our life. It is a time to recognize our own brokenness as humans and our need for a savior. It is a time to pray often, to reflect on God’s word, and to open our heart to Jesus and all that he has to offer.

Let it be a time of repentance and prayer. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of lent, a day to remind us of our own humanity and the pending reality of Christ’s death on the cross. We live in a sinful world and we are drawn into sin in so many different ways. Both through things we have done that we are not especially happy about and those things that should have been done but were not done. In both instances, we distance ourselves and our relationship with God. So, during lent, let us take time to confess all that we have done wrong and ask God for his help in doing what is right. Prayer is a way for us to communicate with God and it is through prayer our relationship with him will grow stronger.

Let it be a time of fasting and doing good works. Fasting is not to be viewed as an obligation, but something that helps clear our mind of the distractions that take us away from Christ. Fasting is traditionally associated with abstaining from food, but fasting can be abstaining from anything that is not good for us...maybe it is playing too many video games or eating too much junk food. Or, it could be watching too much tv or spending our free time on electronic devices. To abstain from something difficult, our attention needs to be directed elsewhere. Maybe, our time can be directed towards doing good works for others. By giving of ourselves to help others, our relationship with God will grow deeper and deeper.

Prayer is an important part of Lent as it is our source of communication to God. Prayer verbalizes our faith as we take time to meditate on the sacrifice of Jesus.


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