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November Newsletter

2023 November Newsletter
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Dear Faith Church Family,

As you know, on September 10, we celebrated our 60th anniversary. To celebrate our blessings, the Local and Global Missions team has put together a list of items to collect throughout the year - 60 items per month to represent our 60 years.

Thank you for being generous! During the month of September we collected 549 snacks for Isle Schools. So far in October, we collected 161 items and $105 for the Isle Food Shelf.

During November, we will be collecting volunteer hours serving others. We are encouraging you to serve our neighbors in our local and broader community. Many of you are already volunteering your time here at Fatih, for example, quilting or teaching Sunday School. In the community you volunteer at the Food Shelf or One More Time. Look for opportunities to serve - schools, nursing homes, neighbors often need volunteer help. You could go along with the youth on Nov 10 to support them on their day of service.

Please record your volunteer time on the card in the narthex and put the card in the box. The hours will be tabulated and the cards will be put on the door. Our goal is at least 60 hours of volunteer service time.

For those of you who like to look for sales or for the snowbirds who want to buy ahead, here is the list for the year. We will provide details as we introduce the new item each month. September Snacks for school 549 items

October Cash or food for Isle Food Shelf $105 and 161 items November 60 hours of community volunteer service

  • December Gifts - Isle school program, ELCA, Toys for Tots, etc.

  • January Socks and gloves

  • February Blankets

  • March Winter jackets (find sale items for next year)

  • April Baby needs/items (diapers, formula)

  • May 60 hours of community volunteer service

  • June Hygiene items and laundry soap

  • July School supplies

  • August Water bottles for school kids

Thanking God for our blessings and thanking you for your generosity, Local and Global Missions Team Bev Severson

Diane Gibas

Karen Gabriel

Nancy Hendry


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