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To LOVE God is to LOVE others

To LOVE God is to LOVE others Love is the greatest thing in the world—the greatest privilege and power known to man. Man’s greatest need is to love and to be loved. We are incapable of loving others by our own strength. It is by our faith that we can love with God’s love. Everything about the Christian life is based on faith. We receive Christ by faith; we are filled with the Holy Spirit by faith, and as we walk by is faith that gives us the capability to love others. Somewhere, somehow, many have lost or never had Christ’s faith and they are having to rely solely on their own strength. The many problems we see today, the division and strife that we are experiencing, and the ha- tred and angry words directed towards others is a result of people loving oneself more than loving Christ.

It is when we love by faith, God’s compassion pulls us towards others in need. His love flows thorough us to the one in need and we are enabled to do what he desires from us. We will find, and know, and feel we are loved simply by the love we extend to others.

God’s blessings and peace from: Ellory Christianson, Diane Gibas, Nancy Hendry, Doc Moss, Carolyn Nutt, Pam Peterson

Children’s Prayer Time Dear Lord, Thank you for all the beautiful things I see each day—the sky, the stars, the flowers. Thank you for giving me all that I need. Amen.


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