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Receive new mercies every day.....

Receive new mercies every day..... In her book, “One Thousand Gifts”, Ann Voskamp says that there is hope and transformative power in counting our bless- ings and naming gifts we receive from God. If we want to discover the rhythms of grace, joy, and true thankfulness, we need to not only count the big gifts God has given, but to also look for the little ones he continually gives us—even at this very moment. Begin to notice them, write them down, express them in words, and then celebrate each one. Start with ten, then twenty. Continue to add to the list. You will be surprised at how many will be discovered each day. 1) a phone call from a friend, 2) a cool breeze, 3) a gentle rain.

By writing down these gifts, it is a way to receive them, to acknowledge them and to let God know just how much they are appreciated. 4) moonlight shining through the window, 5) a bird at the feeder, 6) a hug from a child, 7) a text message from a granddaughter.

Naming brings identity to the gift. 8) picking vegetables from the garden, 9) pot of soup cooking on the stove, 10) colored leaves.

All these and many, many more gifts come from God and each one has value and holds a place within God’s creation. These gifts are everywhere. Writing them down and naming what might have been missed, makes them visible. In doing so, our gratefulness for these gifts will become a way of thanking God for his goodness, for his love, and for his abundant grace. Try it and don’t be surprised at how many you will find. And, don’t be surprised at how much it changes the way you look at life.

God’s blessings and peace from: Ellory Christianson, Diane Gibas, Nancy Hendry, Doc Moss, Carolyn Nutt, Pam Peterson Children’s Prayer Time Dear Lord, You are always there to help me with my problems, no matter how big or small they might be. Do not let me ever forget to thank you for everything you do for me. Amen.


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