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September 2022 Prayer Ministry

Dear Heavenly Father,

forgive us for not always seeing the needs of others and when we do, also forgive us for our hesitancy in helping them. Open our eyes so we might see all whom you place before us and especially open our hearts to know what we are to do for them. We are so grateful that you have been there through our own trials and troubles and we know you have also placed others in our path to help us. As we move through this world, we ask that you be with us, always guiding us in ways to help and serve those whom you have placed in our path—those who desperately need our help.

  • Bless our time together and be with us all as we gather for Rally Sunday on September 11. Guide our leaders and helpers as they plan for our fall programming. Encourage the rest of us to be involved in our youth’s lives by helping to support our Sunday School, confirmation, FIA, and youth group activities.

  • Open our hearts to your call. Keep us focused on you. Help us seek where you are working and to joyfully join you in the tasks you have set before us. Help us to accept your call to participate in God’s Work/Our Hands on September 11.

  • Encourage all who are musical to be part of our choir in giving thanks and praise to you through their voices. We thank you for all the musicians who have and will continue to enhance our worship services by giving their time on Sundays.

  • Be with our young people as they return to school. With all that is happening in this world right now, hold them in your hands, give them strength, courage and hope. Please watch over them and keep them safe.

  • Be with our young adults as they embark on a new it a new job, military service, attend- ing trade school or heading off to college. May they look to you for guidance in the days ahead.

  • Surround all who are grieving, those who are ill and those who are lonely. We lift up all who are on our prayer network. Comfort them in their pains and bring them relief from their struggles.

  • With all the temptations of this world, it is difficult for us to stay on track. We ask that you be with all of us, giving us the strength we will need to move forward. Bless all our members. During September we especially pray for the following each week. •Week of September 4 – Jean Retka; Bruce and Laurie Richards; Isaac, Amber, Rita, Maya, and Charles Robertson. •Week of September 11 – Michael, Samantha, Elsie, Evelyn, and Eleanor Samuelson; Arnold Sandin; Troy and Michelle Tramm. •Week of September 18 – Bev Schleif; Mary Sears; Kieth and Beverly Severson; Linda Shelton. •Week of September 25 – Grace Slagle; Kevin, Melanie, Logan, Austin, and Emma Slama; Cliff and Marilyn Soderquist.

  • Guide the work of this congregation and continue to bless us with the resources necessary to carry out our ministry here in Isle and throughout the world. Be with us as we look to our future at our up- coming annual meeting. Direct the decisions we make that they will lead us towards your ministry work here.

  • Be with our members and friends as they begin their travels to warmer climates. Grant them safe travel.

Open our hearts to signs of your presence in the world around us. Give us strength, patience and per- severance to extend your grace through the love you have shown us. We place ourselves into your hands, trusting in your love and mercy. AMEN

Time spent in prayer is time well spent.


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